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Sell with us


We accept in deposit apparel and accessories in good condition from a selection of brands.

After you check the conditions and you are ready to start selling with us, send us the items or bring them to the store. We will check the condition of the items and prepare a contract for you to sign. Once it’s signed, we will get everything ready to sell your items.


  1. We only accept apparel and accessories. No shoes.
  2. We only sell premium brands so please check our Brand Directory first. Any other brand won’t be accepted. 
  3. Send us pictures of the items you want to sell via email or WhatsApp. You can also bring them to the store. However that doesn’t mean we will accept all the items you bring.
  4. Maximum 10 items per client.
  5. We will contact you back if your items fit in our store and if it’s a yes, we will send you the contract to sign. We will include the selling price in the contract, so you know beforehand how much you will earn (60% of the price).
  6. You can bring the items to the store (free) or we can pick them up (6€ cost) wherever you want.
  7. We consign the items for maximum 3 months. If the item is not sold by then, we will give it back to the owner.
  8. Get paid once the item is sold and after the return period is over (15 days).
  9. The commission applied for our service, packaging, tax payment, other commissions etc. is detailed below.



  1. Make room at home
  2. Make money
  3. Give clothing a second life
  4. Good for the environment



  1. Only items in good condition.
    1. No blemishes
    2. No defects
    3. No unstitched items
    4. No stains
    5. No discoloration
    6. No doors



Premium brands

We apply a comission of 50%, so you will earn up to 50% of the item selling price in store credit 25% and cash 25%. 

Luxury - designer brands

We apply a commission of 40%, so you will earn up to 60% of the item selling price in cash. The item has to be authenticated. If there is no proof of authentication we will apply a 50% commission (in order to authenticate the bag). 

So easy and convenient, be part of our community together with other second hand enthusiasts and start selling now with us.

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