Sell with us.

Share love selling your items to other second hand enthusiasts like you.

Be part of our community. Become a seller through consignment.

How it works?


Sell with us via consignment. When you consign, you receive the payment when your item sells.


We only accept brands from our designer directory.



Send us pictures of the apparel and accessories you want to sell. Maximum 10 items per person.


Get your quote and sign the terms and conditions agreement.


Bring your items to the store (free) or we pick them up wherever you want (cost 5€).


Get paid when the item sells.


Clear out your closet

Make money

Make space at home

Extend a product's lifecycle

It has a past, it deserves a future

Be kind to the Earth

How much do I earn?


Up to 60% of the item's second hand selling price. Commission applied (40%) + shipping.

Easy and fast

When we contact you we will make you an offer, so you know before we pick up your clothes how much you are earning. Consign with us, we do the rest.

For further details about Selling your items head over to our Terms and Conditions.