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We are a pre-owned online retailer established in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain). We love timeless designer and vintage treasures that make our style casual and fun. We believe in less stuff but with a story, unique pieces that are full of second chances.

The name Bedford St comes from our favourite TV show in the 90s/00s, Friends. Our style and the style of the pieces we sell are inspired by this TV Show. Monica´s apartment was located in Bedford Street, and that is how we named our brand. 

We provide high quality vintage and preloved clothing from a variety of brands, and source rare and iconic pieces that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. When buying pre-owned you are extending the  lifecycle of pieces and it reduces their carbon footprint. 

Non profit organisations receive plenty of clothing donations all over the world. Some of these pieces are sold in their stores, others donated to people in need and a small amount is sold to wholesalers. These wholesalers locate, sort, grade and supply vintage and secondhand pieces to small retailers.

People tend to think that when a donation is made to non profit organisations, it directly goes to someone in need, but the truth is that there is huge overstock of unwanted clothing. Only 15% gets recycled, a small amount is exported to another country (4%) and most of it is landfilled (62%) or incinerated (19%). So in order to close the loop, small vintage retailers sell preloved clothing to give them a second life, as well as being kind to the Earth.

We source the items from our community and second hand enthusiasts like you. We select and check every single item we list on the website. We sell items in great condition from a selected amount of brands, excluding fast fashion brands that do not share our philosophy “Embrace Slow”. Each product is unique and of the best quality. We only sell what we love hence the commitment of our curation team to only open the door to relevant pieces.

our planet needs us

Carbon Footprint

Buying one vintage clothing saves the Co2 emission equivalent to taking half a million cars off the road in a year.

Water consumption

It takes 2700 liters of water to make a tshirt and 3000 to make a sweater. That is how much we normally drink over a 3 year period.


37 kg of clothing you toss each year. That´s equivalent to the weight of 42 laptops.



80% of your closet goes unworn.
Keep it simple, casual and timeless.
Buy smarter.


Buying preloved

Extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% each.


Company motto

Less stuff, more meaning.
Embrace slow.

vision and mision


SUSTAINABILITY – Climate change is the biggest problem facing the planet. We take a sustainable approach in everything we do and be believe that circular fashion is the future. We learn and improve while we grow and we focus on efforts that have the best impact for out planet and people.

QUALITY – All of our products  go under rigorous authenticity and quality checks before listing them online. Clothing in the past was created to last forever, so when buying vintage, you buy products that are timeless. 

ENVIRONMENT – Fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Let´s be kind to the Earth and let´s start making better choices when shopping. Reuse, reduce and repurpose. Our mindset needs to be “buy to resale” rather than “buy to discard”. 

We are part of the cluster GK Green Fashion promoting sustainable practices and green fashion in the industry. 

We have also been verified by Ethical Time as a Real Sustainable Fashion brand.


 PEOPLE – We make sure that everyone that works in or for the company works with the best and most ethical conditions. Having a circular business, we work on having the less impact in the people living in this planet too.

ANIMALS – Second hand it’s a more ethical alternative to fashion that includes animal derived materials. We work hard to leave the world with the less impact possible on the planet, animals and people. We take a stand in favor of promoting animal welfare and protecting animal rights. 

PACKAGING – Our packaging is 98% recycled and we are working to be 100% recycled by 2022.